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Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is essential for safe clinical practice as a therapist or mental health practitioner, and if a commitment to ongoing regular quality supervision is not part of your accreditation process it really should be. 

I first engaged in regular supervision since as a trainee clinician, then as part of my clinical practice, and after a number of years as a supervisor.  My personal experience has been in group and individual supervision and I have found both helpful.  Individual supervision can be particularly appropriate when the clinician has sensitive work to bring.  Group supervision provides extra value;  of course it is usually cheaper with participants sharing the cost for one or two facilitators, but for me the extra value of group supervision is in the shared experiences and perspectives other clinicians bring to the group. 

I have trained in role theory and developmental models of supervision as well as being an accredited  supervisor for Interpersonal Psychotherapy.  

I have a warm and easy going style and would be happy to meet to help you decide whether working with me would be the right fit for you.

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