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Individual  Therapy

Individual therapy is a joint process between client and therapist.  I believe in keeping it real, and aim to help you to feel comfortable and confident to work openly in therapy.  I have a relaxed and easy style, that is truly empathic, accepting and genuine.  A solid therapeutic relationship along with your commitment and desire for change are the key elements to successful therapy.

               “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Carl R. Rogers​

Working with a therapist will give you the opportunity to lay out problems as you see them.  I will listen without judgement and support you to consider alternative perspectives, coping mechanisms and ways of communicating your needs to others.  

Some of the many reasons for seeking therapy might be that....

  • you feel like you have reached an impasse in your relationship or find you are always in dispute

  • you are adjusting to a life transition and feel you have lost the joy in your life 

  • you have difficult decisions to make and need to consider your options objectively without pressure

  • work stress has been building and you are finding it hard to function or hold it all together

  • you have been struggling with anxiety or low self esteem that has lead you avoiding social gatherings or going to work

  • when you become distressed your emotions change so rapidly that you feel so out of control you scare yourself. 

  • you have intrusive thoughts or bodily sensations that descend on you uninvited and prevent you from sleeping or eating  


We will work in partnership to develop a plan that incorporates therapy techniques that you can relate to with specific treatments and goals for the issues you would like to address. You will have the opportunity to try new strategies with ongoing support.  Therapy may be a stand alone treatment or can be used in conjunction with medication. Frequently therapy will also involve thinking about lifestyle choices such as exercise or structuring your day to help with sleep. 

You may not achieve all of your goals in a course of therapy but research tells us that post therapy, gains made are usually longer lasting than after stopping medication and you are likely to continue to improve if you are able to drawn on strategies and personal growth achieved in therapy. 

Feel free to give me a call with any questions you may have.


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